Romain Sestier: “Computer Says Yes: How to make your data work for you”

Session Info:

Online organisations across many industries are generating growing amounts of data, but most of them are not managing to harness its power to significantly improve their performance. Successful organisations like Netflix, Amazon, and Citymapper manage to balance the three core components of successful data-driven decisions: an advanced data infrastructure (no, basic analytics is not enough!), investment in technical and analytical people, and a data-driven culture where risk-taking is encouraged and insights are democratised.


At the forefront of this data drive we see more and more companies using AI and machine-learning to provide a superior user experience that is very hard to replicate by competitors. In this talk, Romain will cover what makes this new breed of companies special, and how to pivot your own strategy to take advantage of your data. This includes:

  • How to ask the right questions from your data
  • Is your infrastructure ready for AI?
  • How to start small and win big with machine-learning

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