Craig Sullivan

Optimiser in Chief, Optimal Visit

Craig Sullivan has been blending UX, Analytics, Split testing, Voice of Customer and Conversion Optimisation techniques for over 15 years. He’s also been building various teams, launching products and hacking the growth of websites for companies like Google, LOVEFiLM, Lego, John Lewis, eBay, The FT and more. He’s helped coach clients to grow by £2Bn in new revenue streams within the last 5 years.

My Sessions

Craig Sullivan: “We were promised Jetpacks”

Over 20 years of e-commerce should have brought us wonderful changes and yes, the internet is an amazing improvement on the early days.  We’ve moved to a multi-device and platform world now – often with more than one channel servicing thousands or millions of customers.  We have the technology to track people as they hear […]


Speaker panel Q&A session, moderated by Tim Stewart

Your chance to ask your questions. Joining our panel is Craig Sullivan, Dvid Mannheim, Manuel da Costa and Paul Rouke. Moderated by Tim Stewart.