Emma Travis

UX & CRO Specialist, Jet2.com & Jet2holidays

Emma has over 6 years experience in CRO. Her passion lies in consumer psychology and understanding user behaviour. Emma has moderated and observed over 500 hours of cross-device user research, with specific expertise in research facilitated through the use of neuro-marketing technology, such as eye tracking devices and EEG headsets, to delve into users subconscious thoughts and actions.

Emma’s current role as UX and CRO specialist at Jet2.com involves end to end ownership of the CRO strategy, including gathering actionable insights through a range of user research techniques to increasing visibility of CRO throughout the wider business.

Emma has worked with a wide range of brands across sectors, including, Mossbros, Wilko and Bensons for Beds.

My Sessions

Emma Travis: “Beyond Usability – The Psychology of CRO”

CRO should always begin with optimising for usability, but once you’ve cracked the ‘brilliant basics’ how do you continue to turn the dial? This session will provide an introduction to consumer psychology and will explain how to effectively apply its principles to CRO to maximise your CRO programme’s ROI and delight your users while you’re […]