Manuel da Costa

CEO, Effective Experiments and Founder Conversion World 

Manuel da Costa is the founder of Effective Experiments, a platform that helps CRO teams run efficient optimisation programmes. With a strong background in Conversion Optimisation, he has worked with 100s of ecommerce and lead gen companies to improve their conversions. He is also an organiser of Conversion World, a global online community which runs an annual virtual conference with the same name.

My sessions

Manual da Costa: “Building and scaling an optimisation programme in your company”

Everyone is talking about Conversion Optimisation…but are they doing it right? Most companies and agencies have adopted CRO as part of their business practices but it’s far more complex than running a few A/B tests. This talk is aimed at CRO practitioners, marketing managers, and the people they report to. In this talk, you will […]


Speaker panel Q&A session, moderated by Tim Stewart

Your chance to ask your questions. Joining our panel is Craig Sullivan, Dvid Mannheim, Manuel da Costa and Paul Rouke. Moderated by Tim Stewart.